American Jewish University, as a thriving center of Jewish resources and talent, is built upon a core mission that advances Jewish learning, culture, ethics, leadership and peoplehood. In 2007, the University of Judaism merged with Brandeis-Bardin, creating a landmark entity – American Jewish University – with two campuses, a single vision and a shared future. Our donors ensure the next generation of leaders by assisting us in providing diverse educational experiences.

男女性高爱潮视频_男女性生活视频_男女性高爱潮视频很黄很色In addition to the Jewish learning taking place on our campuses in Bel Air and Simi Valley, it is our students and alumni’s contributions to their communities that best reflect the impact that AJU is making on the Jewish world and beyond. Your gift to the university enables us to carry on this tradition of training Jewish leaders towards a strong and vibrant future. Support our annual Student Scholarship Fund or learn about the many ways to invest in our programs, endowment or the physical growth of our campus.

男女性高爱潮视频_男女性生活视频_男女性高爱潮视频很黄很色As a donor to the university we continually strive to create meaningful ways for you to participate in the life of AJU. We are grateful for your interest and your support.